Midge Martin

Friday Night 90's

I’ve always loved music because it’s so immensely social and personal at the same time. It can fill awkward spaces, such as elevators and bathrooms (I personally believe that all bathrooms need music. If I were running for office, it would be my campaign platform). Traditional music can bridge the gaps in generations in ways that textbooks couldn’t dream of. A favorite track can elevate you to stardom in your own personal music video, even if it’s only in your room. Sad music, my personal favorite, sits with us patiently, even if we are just poking at the yellow and purple spots of our emotional bruises to make sure they still hurt. Even awful music can bring the shyest of us out of our shells if the beat is right; just look at weddings!

 I love being able to bring the KSLG nation a generation of music that was in its rawest form. The 90s were unabashedly unapologetic. The grunge was grungier, the pop was poppier. Industrial sounds ushered Generation X squarely out of the past and into the new millennium.

 Our world is complicated now. It was complicated then. But the beauty of nostalgia is that it comes with teeny-tiny rose colored glasses. And conveniently, they have come back into style. So let’s strap ‘em on and put your seat and tray table in the upright and locked position. ‘Cause we are going back there, together, every Friday night.


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