EEO Report

EEO ANNUAL REPORT August 1, 2017 to August 1, 2018

On March 10, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission instituted new EEO reporting and recordkeeping rules designed to track a station's recruitment and hiring practices. The rules required a posting of certain tabulations of those efforts on the station's website and in the Public File, which is maintained at the station's business location.

Following is the required posting of hiring and recruitment procedures undertaken by KHUM, KWPT, KSLG-FM and KLGE-FM since the institution of the Commission's new rules.

These same documents can be viewed in the station's Public File, which is housed at 1400 Main Street, Suite 104, in Ferndale, California. The file is available for viewing during normal business hours. The next required posting is August 1, 2019.

Lost Coast Communications, Inc., licensee of the stations KHUM, KLGE, KSLG-FM, and through its subsidiary KWPT, Inc., the licensee of KWPT, is an equal opportunity employer, working to provide broad outreach regarding job vacancies and to encourage a diverse workplace.

No organization has requested to be notified for job vacancy.

Positions Filled

The following full-time positions were filled during this period.

1. Front Office Assistant (June 2018)

Recruitment Source: Networking, Lost Coast Outpost Jobs Posting, Craig’s List, Facebook

2. Journalist (May 2018) Recruitment Sources: Networking

3. Sales (May 2018)

Recruitment Source: Radio Advertising, Lost Coast Outpost Jobs Posting, Craig’s List, Facebook

Additional Recruiting

1. Sales

Recruitment Sources: Lost Coast Outpost, HSU, Lost Coast Outpost Jobs

2. Part-time/On-call DJ

Recruitment Sources: Lost Coast Outpost, HSU, Lost Coast Outpost Jobs

EEO Annual Report


Recruiting Sources Addresses

Lost Coast Outpost

1400 Main Street, Suite 104 Ferndale, CA 95536

(707) 786-5104

Humboldt State University 1 Harpst Street

Arcata, CA 95521 (707)826-3011

Lost Coast Communications has more than ten employees and operates in a small market. As such, we are required to complete four recruitment initiatives within a two-year time period.

For the past two years, the licensee has engaged in the following initiatives:

1. Recruitment/Internship Program. Executive leadership at LCCI routinely engages with the business school at HSU in an effort to network with future and recent grads, attending yearly business round table events and participating in their internship program when we have the need. Typically, an intern is groomed for multiple job types in a sales and/or marketing capacity.

2. Educational Tours. The stations regularly host local college, high school, elementary school and scout groups for educational tours on how the station operates.

3. KKDS-LP/Blue Ox Radio. KHUM, KSLG, KWPT and KLGE actively support KKDS-LP, a low-powered educational station known as Blue Ox Radio, which gives high school students the opportunity to learn about radio. The stations have provided free advertising for KKDS fund-raisers and provided technical and financial advice to KKDS.

4. Influence on Education. Two of our senior employees teach several college level classes in radio and journalism at Humboldt State University each semester. One is the senior advisor to the student-run station, KRFH, an AM carrier station.

EEO Annual Report