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The music biz...where to begin?! I read an excellent article by Ari Herstand in Digital Music News that perfectly articulates what’s going on. The industry has diverged: “one [industry is ] run by musicians defining their own career destinies. And the other  by money-hungry opportunists, “ writes Herstand. When major labels (for the most part) treat artistic creation like stocks on Wall Street, you have to wonder about what’s being recorded. Is it a sincere expression or is it a variation on a time-tested formula that is a guaranteed money-maker? “Gone are the days where a Columbia records sticks it out through two failed (full length) albums because they (the industry) believe in an artist, says Herstand. He’s right. In this industry, to get signed, you have to already be “proven act”.


By now you are probably feeling quite cynical about the state of music, but as someone who believes in saving the best news for last, spoiler alert: there is hope. Like the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars, the independents (musicians/labels/media outlets/blogs) are “damning the system and proclaiming they are not in it for the quick fame and instant success, but because music is at the core of who they are,” as Herstand states.


Here at KSLG, music is at the core of what we do. As a locally-ran radio station, we have the power to play music in our format that the big corporate giants won’t touch. This is not to say you won’t hear any overlap in our playlist from other stations (hell, our audience enjoys catchy earworms too), but noone is forcing us to play certain music. Here at KSLG, we have complete creative freedom over the music we select for our format. This is what makes us an “independent”, part of the musical “Rebel Alliance”.


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"last words"
isaac gracie

This young singer/songwriter started his musical career in the Ealing Abbey Choir, hitting "high C" notes, most of us only wish we could achieve. When his voice changed, he had two options: rejoin when he was 18 as a tenor, or try something new. He picked up the guitar and never looked back. One of my favorites right now on KSLG.

"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1"
The Flaming Lips

Take your damn vitamins! You never know when the robot insurrection will begin.

"The Ground Walks with Time in a Box"
Modest Mouse

Something in a box that's clawing around, wanting out? Sounds like a song that should have been on the "Gremlins" soundtracks. Mogwais are cool though.

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