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The other day I saw a Noisey article titled, “Indie Rock Isn’t Dead”, and it made me think about the state of music that we termed “Indie”. The article talks about how music buffs have been lamenting that the era that brought about such powerhouses like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and  The Shins is not producing the sounds that we have grown to love. Even I for awhile suffered from an extreme anxiety about the state of this station: “Where do we go from here?” ; “What sound does the KSLGNATION expect?”;  “Is this sound viable?”

The key word here is comfort. The sounds we have associated for so long with Indie music has a sound we have come to expect, something familiar, something comfortable. If you ever have been in a long-term relationship, you realize that comfort can be wonderful but also…(drumroll)..stagnating.

The truth is though we crave the comfortable, it makes for a stagnant sound. It’s not original. It’s not bold. It becomes irrelevant to modernity.

Sarah MacDonald of Noisey writes, “Indie now is trying to make a space for everyone but, even more important, the producers of this music want to ensure that their audience can take part in that representation.” (Hint: THAT MEANS YOU!!!)

You, Yes You! Your participation in this station means that the sounds you like stay. How can you participate? Go vote on the songs you here by clicking the  "thumbs up"   or  "thumbs down"  on this website .  Keep submitting your songs to or to my email. Finally, keep an open mind about the sounds you are hearing. It can be hard because we get so “comfortable” with certain sounds, but as Ms. MacDonald has pointed out:

“Indie isn’t dead. It’s evolving”.

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Favorite Tracks

"Here In Spirit"
Jim James

When I first heard this song, I knew I recognized the voice. Turns out this the frontman/guitarist/producer of a little indie band called My Morning Jacket is branching out into his own solo work. I absolutely love it!

Milky Chance

Our favorite German electro-duo has a song out that Time magazine calls,"Somewhere between the folksy rock of Vampire Weekend and the haunting electropop of Beach House,” and that it’s, “low-key alt-rock that appeals to indie listeners and mainstream pop fans.” Perfect crossover appeal!

"Drunk Drivers/ Killer Whales (Single Version)"
Car Seat Headrest

Will Toledo's ode to post-party melancholia and emotion stirred from the activist documentary "Blackfish". If your mind has ever wandered in a drunken stupor to random stream-of-consciousness, add this one to your playlist.

KSLG Interviews

Finding Bigfoot Cast and Crew

On the Morning Show, Nikki interviewed Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" cast member Bobo and producer Ryan who are in town in anticipation for the "Finding Bigfoot Festival", happening Saturday, April 29th at the Veterans park in Willow Creek. Thanks to sponsors Emerald Family Farms and the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce for making this "squatchy" event possible. More details at .


Indie Pop duo OH WONDER is currently touring North America and are soon to be releasing their sophomore album "Ultralife", June 19th. The KSLG girls, Nikki and Sabina, caught up with Josephine and Anthony and asked them a few questions while simultaneously almost breaking up the band...not really!

Frank Turner: The Punk Rock Troubador

Frank Turner comes to The Warfield in San Francisco Sunday Jan 29th with The Sleeping Souls, Arkells, Will Varley, and John K. Samson. He talked to Nikki about fighting for artistic integrity, memorable moments on his tour, why he ultimately decided to write "The Road Beneath Your Feet" , one of his weirdest tattoos, and what you can expect at his shows.

The Weekly Exchange

Dan Auerbach "Waiting On A Song"

Is Dan Auerbach's second solo album "Waiting on a Song" a work of art or a sophomore slump? The KSLG girls dig deep into the Black Keys frontman/producer/ musical workaholic's latest release.......Songs Mentioned: 4) Shine On Me, 1) Waiting on a Song, 2) Malibu Man, 3) Livin' in Sin, 5) King of a One Horse Town, 6) Never In My Wildest Dreams, 8) Stand By My Girl. Songs Featured: 7) Cherrybomb, 9) Undertow, 10) Show Me....................... Other Songs Mentioned: Elephant Stone "Manipulator", The Black Keys "Lonely Boy", Disney's Robin Hood "Not In Nottingham" , Disney's Aladdin "A Whole New World", The Lonely Island "Great Day", Queen "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", Paul Simon "Kodachrome", Paul Simon "Baby Driver", Rhianna "S&M", Duane Eddy "Rebel Rouser", and Tammy Wynette "Stand By Your Man".....................THESE ARE OUR SPONSORS!!!.....FUNGI LIGHTING.......LOUISE'S GOURMET SEASONED FINISHING SALTS.......MYRTLE AVENUE PET CENTER.........COMPANION ANIMAL FOUNDATION.

Listener Submissions: Round 1

Nikki and Sabina choose 6 songs from our listener submissions over at and decide their airplay fate. Want to submit a song for airplay? Here's a link: . Songs discussed: MISSIO "Middle Fingers" (sub. by various listeners), Billie Eilish "Bored" (sub. by Kika), Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes", Knights of Audio "Space Ranger" (sub by Matt from Knights of Audio), Summer Moon "With You Tonight" (sub. by Michel), Enemies "Play Fire" (sub. by Sean), Stone Fox "Arrow" (sub. by Dylan). Songs mentioned: Dire Straits "Money for Nothing". THESE SPONSORS KEEP US GOING: Fungi Lighting, Louise's Gourmet Seasoned Finishing Salts, Myrtle Avenue Pet Center, Companion Animal Foundation.

Humboldt Summer Playlist Complements

Summer in Humboldt is right around the corner and you need some song suggestions to freshen up your playlist? Let Nikki and LaRock help you out! Songs on this podcast: Silversun Pickups "Latchkey Kids", Alt-J "3WW", Morgan Delt "Some Sunsick Day", Rubblebucket "If You See My Enemies", Glass Animals "Pork Soda", The Jungle Giants "Feel The Way I Do". Other songs featured: The Rascals "Beautiful Morning" and Sammy Davis Jr "Candyman". THESE ARE OUR SPONSORS!!!!: Companion Animal, Louise's Gourmet Seasoned Finishing Salts, Myrtle Avenue Pet Center, and Fungi Lighting.