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The state of music is always fluctuating. It can be described with a few words and exclamations such as revolutionary, weird, dull, experimental and BAMMMMM.
Here at KSLG we’re ready for all of that, ESPECIALLY THE BAMMMMM.

As we wade through the headlines of tumultuous political times paired with videos of napping cats in kevlar vests (shout out to New Zealand) we here at KSLG aim to curate daily playlists of musical delights to soothe your brainy bits. What I love about working at KSLG is that all the music we continue to add into our system is voted on by KSLGNATION. Yes you help us figure out which indie tunes go in the “Yass” or “Nah” pile.

On my show, Afternoons With Sabina, not only will you get new music but you’ll also be able to check out some back-in-the-day sounds with The Archival Revival or some noice tracks on a feature called Under The Covers where artists test their talents and see if they can get a handle on songs by the likes of Bowie or The Beatles.

There’s something for everyone on my show and plenty for all of us on this indie music station. Dear world, we’re dancing, laughing and crying right along with you and wherever you may be, we’ll always be bringin’ the noise on KSLG!



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Favorite Tracks

"Can I Sit Next To You"

A talented band with manners? I'm all in. Spoon's album Hot Thoughts has a lot of sensual and flirtatious themes so SPOON, whatever you're trying to say...I likie.


This was truly love at first listen.Living in a place where summer temperatures are brief, songs that sound like pure sunshine are always welcome. Sunroof is such a a track.


Eerie and beautiful. The kind of song you want to send via singing card but you know it won't do it justice by a long shot. At first it was disarming to hear such a soft track from the dudes at alt-J but their talents paired with those of Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice make for an incredibly great combo. Thanks for existing "3ww".