Listener Submissions: Round 1

Nikki and Sabina choose 6 songs from our listener submissions over at and decide their airplay fate. Want to submit a song for airplay? Here's a link: . Songs discussed: MISSIO "Middle Fingers" (sub. by various listeners), Billie Eilish "Bored" (sub. by Kika), Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes", Knights of Audio "Space Ranger" (sub by Matt from Knights of Audio), Summer Moon "With You Tonight" (sub. by Michel), Enemies "Play Fire" (sub. by Sean), Stone Fox "Arrow" (sub. by Dylan). Songs mentioned: Dire Straits "Money for Nothing". THESE SPONSORS KEEP US GOING: Fungi Lighting, Louise's Gourmet Seasoned Finishing Salts, Myrtle Avenue Pet Center, Companion Animal Foundation.

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